Friday, July 1, 2011

The 3-2-1 workout, Get Ripped Faster Than The Hulk's Itty Bitty T-Shirt

Whether you want a Special Forces body to be running and gunning or just look like Bradley Cooper where he played the ultra cocky, ultra-ripped "Face" in the newest install of the A-Team movie.

The 3-2-1 workout will get your body in it's best shape ever.  It is a new way of working out quickly and efficiently.  It offers both aerobic and strength training in one 60 minute workout .  This way you will be able to have the endurance of "The Flash" and the strength of "Superman", sorry it doesn't offer you any ways to get the brains of "Batman"...hey two out of three isn't bad.

We'll take a look at an explanation of the workout and different exercises you can do to vary the workout.

Simple Explanation:  
You complete 6 different 10 minute cycles only stopping if your dying.
10 minutes - Cardio (jogging, eliptical, jump roping, anything to get your heart going)
10 minutes - Strength Training (between 2-3 different strength exercises, squats, pull-ups, bench press etc.)
10 minutes -  Cardio (more intense cardio, wind sprints, latter sprinting, intense rowing)
10 minutes - Strength Training (switch it up w/ 2-3 different exercises, dumb bell step-ups, deadlifts etc.)
10 minutes - Cardio (Holy crap Batman more cardio- same intensity type cardio as first 10 minutes)
10 minutes - Core Training aka abs/back (v-ups, regular type situps, plank exercise etc.)

Video Explanation

Example Routines For The Strength Training Portion:
The below routines come directly from Video Fitness as they have reviewed a DVD of Ramona's (the originator of the 3-2-1 workout)

Day 1 circuits: (Chest, Legs, Triceps) Ramona is training someone 1 on 1 in these, in a gym setting.

Circuit A: Chest press on a flat bench/step(8 lbs), Step-ups on a step/flat bench(all reps on one side, then do the other leg), and Tricep dips.

Circuit B: Chest Flies on an incline bench(5 lbs)--incline is supposed to be 45 degrees, Squats, Overhead Tricep Extensions on incline bench(5 lbs)

Day 2 circuits: (Back, Legs, Biceps)

Circuit A: 1-arm rows(10 lbs) all reps on one side then switch sides, Deadlifts(5 lbs), and Seated Twisting Bicep Curls(5 lbs)-twist as you go up.

Circuit B: Reverse Flies(5 lbs), Elevated Single Leg Lunge(stand a couple feet in front of a bench w/your back towards it, one leg goes back on a bench--chair would work too) all reps on 1 leg then switch, and Standing Hammer Curls(5 lbs)

Day 3 circuits: (Shoulders, Legs) 

Circuit A: Seated Shoulder Press(5 lbs), Forward Lunges--alternating legs, and Lateral Raises (5 lbs)

Circuit B: Forward shoulder raises(5 lbs), Plie squats, and Upright Rows(5 lbs)

Bradley Cooper's Workout:

Each Circuit lasts10 minutes for a 60 minute workout (I've personally done this one and it's a killer only made it through 40 minutes the first time out, but in my defense I was recovering from a 2:30am sickness).
  • 1. Cardio (Steady Pace Running)
    2. Strength Training (Squat, Pull-ups, Bench)
    3. Cardio (High Intensity Sprints)
    4. Strength Training (Dead Lifts, Pushups, Dips)
    5. Cardio (Steady Pace Running)
    6. Core (Planks, V-Holds, Ball Crunches)

    Here is a smaller version of the 3-2-1 workout.
    Each Circuit is only 5 minutes, same workout 1/2 the time.

    1. Cardio (Steady Pace Running)
    2. Strength Training (Dead Lift, Pushup, Press)
    3. Cardio (High Intensity Jump Rope)
    4. Strength Training (Squat, Incline Bench, Pull-ups)
    5. Cardio (Treadmill at Small Incline)
    6. Core (Planks, French Twists, Bicycles)

  • Don't overdue it the first time out - Trust me you'll be sore and don't want to lose a whole week working out because you can't walk or move your arms.
  • Good Nutrition goes a long ways with working out, you can cut a lot more fat weight quicker with a good diet plan, high protein, lower fat.  Don't eliminate fat though and also have a cheat day where you pig out it will keep your body from going into a starvation mode.
  • Mix It Up -  The other benefit to this type of workout is your muscles shouldn't plateau because you can simply adjust your training, but still stick with the same template for working out.
  • The principle is very sound, but for men we need to up our weights and include some explosiveness when working out to build power.  To accomplish this instead of just doing squats do jump squats, instead of deadlifts do Power cleans.  
  • Power is determined by combining how fast you can push an object's weight, the faster and larger the object you push or lift the more power you will have built. 
  • Embrace a bit of pain - Yes this is a high intensity workout so your going to hurt, as long as it's a regular muscle contraction pain keep it up that is what Arnold Schwarzenegger called "The Pump" 

Other Resources:
Ramona Braganza - Coined the workout originally and trains the stars with this workout.  Ah yes, this woman is ripped, but in a good way, not in a you can't tell if I'm a man or a woman that takes 'roids type of way, she is strong, toned, but still has soft features.  Men I don't see a wedding ring when she's working out.
Monarch Athletics - Explains some techniques and how to perform some of the exercises in the 3-2-1 workout.
Bradley Cooper's Workout and a video of him talking about it.
Article - Goes into a bit of detail about what celebs Ramona has trained.
Men's Fitness - Offering another variation routine for the 3-2-1 workout.


  1. thanks for the routine,but how many reps of each exercise do i have to do?¿

  2. Reps are wholly dependent on your goals, If I was you I'd research that more on the net, just type in 3-2-1 workout exercise reps & benefits. You'll be able to find what your seeking. Thx for the comment & if you have something else you would like an article on please let me know.


  3. I am military and a special forces hopefully... i use this workout for my lunch rountine... i just dont go to the gym for it. I changed most of the strength sets to variations of squatsand push ups for example single leg squats or iron mikes( walking squats) and diamond push ups or elevated push ups... i have found that my strength and endurance have skyrocketed... I just wish i had found this type of work out before I joined, maybe i would have joined directly to special forces.