Monday, March 14, 2011

12 Essential Items Every Modern Man Must Carry

As a modern man we have grown past our fathers needs of what they carried as our fathers would say, "Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch".  What we want to look for now is what does the Modern Man need to carry on a regular basis.  Some of our past manly ancestors had some tools that just haven't died out yet like the pocket knife (An Essential no matter what), but some have gone the way of the dinosaur (chewing tobacco).

Whatever your preferences for day to day travel as a man there are still some very Manly Essentials we all should carry.

1.  A Pocket Knife/Multi-Tool
You can argue some of these, but not this one.  I cannot tell you how many uses this item has and yes every man should carry one at all times, it's like a gun except you don't need a permit to carry one.
  • Opening a box, letter, gift, package from a store...anything
  • Cutting tags off clothing, rope, string, making string from a longer rope.
  • Cutting all types of food, especially fruit and vegetables, but we're men and a camping type shreds through the latest beast you just trapped/shot.
  • As a Weapon - not the best, but not the worst if you know how to handle it.
  • Any type of camping or survival tool.
  • Get you out of plenty of emergencies, I can think of many times my knife saved me in car situations or I had to rig up something to compensate until I could get a real fix done.
  • One of the few items we still can carry on a daily basis that makes us still feel like a Man, just carry it.

Pocket Knife - Benchmade knives (Very Expensive, but this is what the Special Forces and US Infantry use and so should you if you can afford it)
Multi Tool - Leatherman (I shouldn't have to tell ya why go to their website they are the best at creating these MacGyver like Tools)

2.  Wallet or Money Clip
Put it in whatever you want, but the necessities are ID, $80 in cash, One Debit Card, One Credit Card with no balance on it for large money emergencies.

3.  Belt
The possibilities for use are endless here:

  • Tie two items together.
  • Wrap around your hand to protect it in a fist fight.
  • Use as a tourniquet.
  • Throw it over a power line as you slide from one building to another in an escape.
  • Use the belt buckle as a shiny piece of metal to attract fish.

4.  Pen
This is essential to write anything down for a friend, woman or possible business contact you may run into, also it is necessary to jot down things in your mini-notebook

5.  Smart Phone
Yes men this is essential for the 'Modern Man', a smart phone can now do so many things from using the GPS to emailing your latest fling to meet you out for a drink.  A smartphone really is a 'mobile electronic wingman'.

6.  80 dollars
        $60 for an unexpected simple date on the fly
        $20 for emergency quick cash

7.  Extremely Small notebook
Needed for everything from jotting down new contacts to business ideas and general thoughts.  This can become a guide for your life as we do have many thoughts that pop in our heads all the time and way too often we forget about these little gold nuggets because they come at times when we don't have anywhere to write them down.  Think about all the times your out with your buds having a drink and someone says something profound or someone has a great idea.

8.  Business Cards
Enough said on this one, if you don't have one get one.  Be professional even if it is just a card based on you and not at the company you are currently working.

9.  Bandanna
Remove Crime Scene evidence, tourniquet, a Hankie to pick up things you don't want to touch, Spit clean your shoes real quick while on the go.

10.  Keys - Items to connect to them

  • USB Flash Drive - Essential in today's modern life, James Bond carries one in the new movies so can you or think Mission Impossible with Ethan Hunt.
  • House Key
  • Car Key
  • Very small gadget that contains small knife, screwdriver (phillips and flathead)

11.  First Aid Kit
This is self explanatory as to why the reason for it, you won't be able to carry this on your person, but it should be in your vehicle.

12.  A lighter - whether you smoke or not

  • Get lost in the woods, make a fire.  
  • Need to open a beer bottle can't find your knife, use your lighter.  How to do it here at Life Hacker
  • Use it as a weapon with spray fresheners or hair spray for a flamethrower.
  • Set off a fire Alarm.
  • Light Fireworks or a fuse.  
  • Burn the end of frayed rope to seal it off or burn off excess strings hanging off of clothes.
  • Light a Cigar (though wood matches are preffered, this will do in a pinch)

Other possibilities some men find essential:
fingernail clippers, gum, condoms, lipbalm, watch

What other items do you carry on a regular basis?


  1. 1.a small flashlight, it gets dark where I live
    2.a brass pocket compass, "not all who wander are lost"
    3. small amount of duct tape, to many uses to list.
    4.a watch, a man should always be punctual

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